Carb Night @ Ken and Ezra's Place


That's how I would describe last Saturday's night at Ken and Ezra's pad! I was on a "special" diet but I dropped it that night and gratified my throbbing stomach with all the carbs I was depriving it from.

And you know what? It's all effin' worth it!

(Clockwise starting from top left) Bacon Pizza, Taco Pizza topped with nachos and shredded lettuce, Laing Pizza with meat and shrimped garnished with some greens and lemon slices, and a pizza with feta cheese and what I believe are peach slices? They are all so yummy! The laing pizza is unexpectedly good, too! I am not a fan of laing because of the unwanted feeling it gives me but that pizza was awesome!

(Clockwise starting from top left) Tomato-based pasta served with tahong, pasta with ham (the presentation made it look like a beautiful bouquet of roses), baby potatoes in cheese sauce topped with ham or I think 'twas bacon, and a meaty macaroni dish.

Ezra is really a great chef. He even made his own pizza dough! Awesomeness!

Bash, who's also a chef, made this savory chicken dish on he spot! So everyone was busy doing their thing and I noticed Bash roasted two cuts of chicken after searing them, cutting some veggies and this is the next thing I saw. This dish is really good! That "explosion of flavors in your mouth" sensation is real, I'm telling you! Yun nga lang, tinamad lang siyang i-cut yung lettuce. Haha!

A little booze, a lot of kulitan and more kwentuhan, of course, followed. Fun :)


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