Vikings, Mall of Asia

Viking is a term used to describe a seafaring pirate and a trader who raided and settled in many parts of northwestern Europe. Norway, Sweden and Finland to be exact but this restaurant is nowhere Scandinavian... except for one of the buffet tables that resembled a Viking boat if you look at it at a certain angle. 

Well, that doesn't seem to matter because the place looks nice! Look around and you will see interesting patterns and they are decorated for the season, too. One of their dividers is actually made of a wine rack. Their ordinary hanging lights were made interesting with oversized glass containers and suicidal teddy bears! This restaurant has so much attention to detail that it makes that Japanese hair expert in that shampoo commercial a wuss.

It was actually my dad's and brother's birthday. Yes, they were born on the same day and the restaurant has a way of knowing if it's your birthday so they can hop on your table and sing a brutal song of "Bang the Maracas on Anything Solid Near You Happy Birthday". I swear, these guys were probably high. See that missing "H" and a half-eaten "a" on the sign? Now you know. It was an entertaining sight though ^^

Here's a disclaimer: I didn't take a lot of photos of food. I know, it's lame! I did that on purpose so I  have a reason to go back. Oh, di ba? Di ba? Here are some that I tried:

On the top left is Chawan Mushi or Japanese Egg Custard and the bottom right one is miso soup served in an small earthenware pot. The top part of the pot is a turned over sake cup and this is what you will use to sip that healthful soup.

The sushi and sashimi were fresher than fresh! Served straight from the fish's body that was just happily swimming in a happy tank minutes ago not knowing that he will be happily eaten by happy gluttons. Happiness transcends.

More great finds: Mini burgers and potato chips, assorted salad from several countries in Europe (I swear when you bite that potato, it crunches in German), I was excited too see plates of assorted caviar but then my brother said "Peke yan." Okay, fine. Talk about luxury food. Good thing there's a lechon station which also serves other cured meats. (May sakit lang? lol)

This is probably the section that I enjoyed the most. The dessert section located at the heart of the restaurant because it's their strategy to attract people in eating starch-enriched food first so they won't be able to indulge on other  delicacies hence money for them. I dunno, I might be wrong :D

Fruit jellies, Panna Cotta, cream puffs, custards, mallows, halohalo, a dude serving taho (sigaw ka ng "Kuya, sampung piso lang" lol), a Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj fountain... everything! If I would shoot a video here, it will turn out as one of those Katy Perry music videos.

Here are some interesting marvels. The salad is served on ice with blue backlight. It's either Pimp My Ride or it's radioactive. Same goes to that shrimp dish whose name I don't know how to pronounce. They look effin' cool! There's our table number. It makes me wanna shout "Sparta!" but I have 24 more and there's a crepe station. Kuya, wag feeler. Hindi ikaw pinipichuran ko!

I'll definitely come back! Here's my evalutaion:

Appeal: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5

Is it worth the money? If your stomach can be stretched, then yes. I guess that applies to all eat-all-you-can restaurants. 

Mikuru Tips:

1. Go on a weekday. You'll save a lot and there are less people.
2. Once you are in, everything is free! So go ahead, indulge! Run around!
3. There is a service charge so maximize your money's worth by going to manned counters and have your food prepared by them. Ex: Ask a chef to grill you a medium rare sirloin.

For Res pls call: 846-3888, 846-4888, 846-5888 and 0917-565-3888. Vikings: The Best Eat and Drink Buffet In Manila.Opens daily 11:00am- 2:30pm,5:30pm-10:00pm,Weekday Lunch is 688+,Weekday Dinner is 888+, Weekend Lunch and Dinner plus Holiday is 1088+. 

Their rates could change anytime so just call them up or contact them via 
Facebook page:

Carb Night @ Ken and Ezra's Place


That's how I would describe last Saturday's night at Ken and Ezra's pad! I was on a "special" diet but I dropped it that night and gratified my throbbing stomach with all the carbs I was depriving it from.

And you know what? It's all effin' worth it!

(Clockwise starting from top left) Bacon Pizza, Taco Pizza topped with nachos and shredded lettuce, Laing Pizza with meat and shrimped garnished with some greens and lemon slices, and a pizza with feta cheese and what I believe are peach slices? They are all so yummy! The laing pizza is unexpectedly good, too! I am not a fan of laing because of the unwanted feeling it gives me but that pizza was awesome!

(Clockwise starting from top left) Tomato-based pasta served with tahong, pasta with ham (the presentation made it look like a beautiful bouquet of roses), baby potatoes in cheese sauce topped with ham or I think 'twas bacon, and a meaty macaroni dish.

Ezra is really a great chef. He even made his own pizza dough! Awesomeness!

Bash, who's also a chef, made this savory chicken dish on he spot! So everyone was busy doing their thing and I noticed Bash roasted two cuts of chicken after searing them, cutting some veggies and this is the next thing I saw. This dish is really good! That "explosion of flavors in your mouth" sensation is real, I'm telling you! Yun nga lang, tinamad lang siyang i-cut yung lettuce. Haha!

A little booze, a lot of kulitan and more kwentuhan, of course, followed. Fun :)

Ezra and Ken's Place

This is just one of the many reasons why I love going to my friends Ezra and Ken's house. 
(Top-most dish, clockwise) Sisig, cured meat, pasta and nachos. It pays to have a friend who's a chef and photographer. 

Together with the rest of the gang, I really enjoy the company of these guys. A simple dvd marathon would turn into an animated sharing of opinion toward anything and expect random bursts of laugter. By anything, I mean it could be anything related or non-related to whatever we are watching but it's fun specially with a little influence of alcohol. Oh wait, here's the booze:

Water melon syrup, cherries, orange slices, a lot of gin and love. 

Made by Ezra, the bartender of the night.
and captured forever by Athan, another friend of mine who's also into photography.

We drink while we watch movies coz it makes things more interesting. Words can't describe this, you have to be there and experience it. I love these guys! =)

The Max's Restaurant Story: The Start Of The End

(with a special participation of Country Style coffee)
Pantanggal umay

'Twas fun though. I had a lot of good laugh. I'm not really a huge coffee fan but I gave it a go... and just like this coffee... it's hot and bitter at first but eventually you will find it not bad at all. Yeah, let's just be friends although I know that things will never be the same again...

Remnants of the past

Did you know that food tastes better if you are with someone you like? It did! Until nagsabi siya na may boyfriend siya. I was disappointed and embarrassed at the same time. Maybe I was expecting too much? Well, who wouldn't with what we had previously? But why didn't you tell me dati pa?! This karekare lacks taste but I don't eat bagoong so I passed. I want to end thing right away but the fried chicken made me stay. The conversation went well after a few minutes and the food got its taste back... which is still a mystery to me.

I never realized that catsup and worcestershire sauce, with a little bit of hot sauce, make a nice dipping sauce! There are a lot of good stuff out there that makes a good combination. You just have to look for it and one you find it, do not ever let it go.

Sago at Gulaman...

That's how well we blended. A concoction that is so convincingly good, I wished it'll be the last drink that will quench my eternal thirst for love... but I forget that ice will eventually melt and once it's diluted, the original taste will never ever come back. All that will remain is just a memory of how good things were before.

This story of mine is actually in reverse. I began with the ending and ended with the beginning because this is the start of the end... but of course, there's more to that.Thank you for reading.

Malaysian Food @ Nuvali, Laguna

There is a commercial strip in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and it is called Nuvali. Tulad ng love life ko, the whole place was gloomy since it was drizzling but I still had fun. I'd equate the appeal to MOA's bay area... minus the bay.

What they have is a man made lake infested with flesh-eating koi fishes:

Those laughing in the background are the angels of death. Nakakadiri, para silang mga uod haha. Imagine this sight happening inside your stomach. XD

Aside from the feeding the lake critters, you can also rent bikes so you can go around the place (the place is nice, trust me), you can also take a boat ride, check out the bazaar (Valentines theme), other attractions (a mini stage was set-up in the central plaza and they sang love songs) or try out some interesting restos.

We tried Johnny Bamboo. They serve Malaysian food. Here are the stuff that we tried:

Pina-sosyal na kropek. In English, socialized cracklings. In sophisticated Asian fusion cuisine, "Asian Cracklings" haha, de pota!

Malaysian Spring Rolls with sweet and sour dip

Tilapia in some tangy sauce

Malaysia's Famous Nasi Goreng

Assorted Skewers that came in a very "Asian" grill box.

Kangkong with what appears to be peanut brittle. Haha!

Something that resembles deep fried quesadillas but this one is all meat.

Nuvali is really a breath of fresh air. I will definitely come back... when it's sunny. So that also means, I'll come back with a lover LOL! And oh! There's Conti's Bakeshop as well! Watch out for me, Mr. Mango Bravo!

I heart cakes and pastries!
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