Ezra and Ken's Place

This is just one of the many reasons why I love going to my friends Ezra and Ken's house. 
(Top-most dish, clockwise) Sisig, cured meat, pasta and nachos. It pays to have a friend who's a chef and photographer. 

Together with the rest of the gang, I really enjoy the company of these guys. A simple dvd marathon would turn into an animated sharing of opinion toward anything and expect random bursts of laugter. By anything, I mean it could be anything related or non-related to whatever we are watching but it's fun specially with a little influence of alcohol. Oh wait, here's the booze:

Water melon syrup, cherries, orange slices, a lot of gin and love. 

Made by Ezra, the bartender of the night.
and captured forever by Athan, another friend of mine who's also into photography.

We drink while we watch movies coz it makes things more interesting. Words can't describe this, you have to be there and experience it. I love these guys! =)

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