Seafood Ball Stew with Eggs & Noodles

Seafood Ball Stew with Eggs and Noodles.... well that's how I would call it. Fish balls, Squid balls and Kikiam were stir-fried with onions, tomatoes and garlic. Then simmered in tomato sauce.
I added raisins too. And being the crazy chef that I am, I also added a pack of instant noodles and hard boiled eggs. Though it looks really odd, it's great with rice! Not to mention all the lycopene you need for a day.
Call me insane, but this stuff is good!

Summer at Batangas

Destination: Munting Buhangin Beach Resort, Nasugbu, Batangas

It's a looong ride but the thrills brought by sight-seeing is worth it. We stopped over Tagaytay for a quick lunch on these rent-a-table place. We had roasted chicken and liempo while enjoying the breath-taking view of Taal Lake. Taal Lake is the 3rd largest lake in the Philippines and it serves as the throne for Taal Volcano a not-so-active volcano situated in an island which is called Volcano Island.
After almost 3 hours of travel time and a gruesome downhill trek, we finally made it! It's not white sand though, but the water is nice! Not too salty even though it's salt water.
And on our way home, the next day, we grabbed some of the best fruits of summer!
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