Pinoy Scramble!

Ice scramble, ice crumble, i-scramble, iskramble... whatever you call it as long as the schwa is there and a wonderful sight of this amazes you:

They say this delicious treat originated from Iloilo. It's basically shaven ice mixed with either artificial or natural flavours and topped with a variety of sweets like - chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, powdered milk, chocolate chips, colorful sprinkles, mallows, rice crispies, etc.

It is very popular among kids and adults alike, specially during the summer! Iskrambol is now enjoying a makeover since 2010 - affordable food franchises and food carts are taking this unique pinoy treat from the streets to malls, amusement parks, cinemas, etc. and nostalgic patrons line up for a cup of their childhood memories.

Bulalo in Tagaytay

There's something about Tagaytay's bulalo.

This is a soupy dish that consists of boiled marrow-rich cow's leg bone (preferably that of the foreshank or hindshank) with cartilage and few meats still attached on it and also has some potatoes, whole onions, string beans and cabbage.

Not all that glitters is gold. Sometimes, it's bulalo. =)

My brother said Tagaytay's bulalo has a distinct and unique flavor compared to other bulalos and indeed it is! I don't know if the cool weather and other living conditions of cows have something to do about it, but this is a very hearty dish!

Nature's cannon ball is definitely refreshing!

I ordered Buko (coconut) juice immediately when I saw it on the menu (I need a break from iced tea) and to my surprise it was served with the jelly meat in the shell! So cute!

We also had tawilis, it is more or less the size of your middle finger. Sardinella tawilis (sometimes obscurely referred to as the Freshwater Sardinella) is a freshwater sardine found exclusively in the Philippines. It is unique in that it is the only member of the family Clupeidae that is known to exist entirely in freshwater.

It was lightly battered then fried and served with achara. My brother taught me how to eat it the right way - hold it by the tail, dip in soy sauce (or whatever) and eat it whole!
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