Mikuru Soup

I went back on my healthy eating track so I bought these:

2 large packs of cabbage kimchi, blocks of tofu, frozen seafood cakes (crab, fish and squid), sweet corn on the cob and Chinese cabbage

I decided to make soup!

I prepared the ingredients

And cooked them in chicken stock seasoned with a little bit of salt and pepper...

I call this "Mikuru Soup"! So what makes it different? It's pleasing to the eye, colorful, healthful, delicious and it's made with love by yours truly! So here, have a taste of my love. =)

Homemade Chicharon

Healthy eating is my game! And like in every other game - I cheat! And I cheat a lot! LOL

Mom has this habit of trimming off excess fat on meat every time she cooks em. So the other day we had Sinigang na Baboy and I used the cut off fat and skin to make chicharon!

So I had these babies washed, seasoned with McCormick, a little salt and ground pepper.
... and deep fried 'em!
and after about cooking for 20 minutes on medium flame...
... calorie bombs that will surely blow you away!

Good stuff, and I mean really really goo-ood! Best with rice and sweet 'n sour sauce! Pig out!

Burned Lumpia

Controlling temperature is a challenge every time I cook in this electric stove
That's the aftermath

and this is the finished product
Yes! I burned my lumpia. Our electric stove's "deep fry" setting has 80 degrees for it's minimum temperature. Tried that, but it took forever to cook my bangus lumpia but the next temperature setting is at 180. a 100 degree difference! Next time, I'll use the conventional stove. =) I still ate this though... with kimchi, of course.

Kimchi Stew and Pancit with Kimchi

I love kimchi! I eat it with anything!
So my dad brought home 2 of this:
Kimchi Stew! Just heat it (you can add tofu) and it's ready to be served!
It was too spicy for me! So I added 3 tablespoons of sugar to the whole package and it turned out tolerable.

But when I checked the label...
It's already expired! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Good thing we stock up on kimchi... so i used a store bought one and topped it on pancit!
A filling merienda! Let's eat!
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