The Max's Restaurant Story: The Start Of The End

(with a special participation of Country Style coffee)
Pantanggal umay

'Twas fun though. I had a lot of good laugh. I'm not really a huge coffee fan but I gave it a go... and just like this coffee... it's hot and bitter at first but eventually you will find it not bad at all. Yeah, let's just be friends although I know that things will never be the same again...

Remnants of the past

Did you know that food tastes better if you are with someone you like? It did! Until nagsabi siya na may boyfriend siya. I was disappointed and embarrassed at the same time. Maybe I was expecting too much? Well, who wouldn't with what we had previously? But why didn't you tell me dati pa?! This karekare lacks taste but I don't eat bagoong so I passed. I want to end thing right away but the fried chicken made me stay. The conversation went well after a few minutes and the food got its taste back... which is still a mystery to me.

I never realized that catsup and worcestershire sauce, with a little bit of hot sauce, make a nice dipping sauce! There are a lot of good stuff out there that makes a good combination. You just have to look for it and one you find it, do not ever let it go.

Sago at Gulaman...

That's how well we blended. A concoction that is so convincingly good, I wished it'll be the last drink that will quench my eternal thirst for love... but I forget that ice will eventually melt and once it's diluted, the original taste will never ever come back. All that will remain is just a memory of how good things were before.

This story of mine is actually in reverse. I began with the ending and ended with the beginning because this is the start of the end... but of course, there's more to that.Thank you for reading.

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