Potato Pancakes

Potato pancakes are usually shallow-fried pancakes of grated potatoes but I did a different method and added other ingredients. For this one you need:

1 regular can of corned tuna (drained really really well)
4 medium-sized potatoes (boiled to perfection)
1 medium-sized onion (put it whole..... lol just kidding... finely chop it)
1 egg (the one that came from a chicken)
grated cheese (lots and lots of 'em)

So basically, this will be a mashed potato pancake. If you have leftovers from last night's barbeque party or if a potato stand in a nearby market is rammed by a truck... you could use 'em for this recipe.
So there, put everything in a bowl and mix it well to the tune of Ke$ha's "Tiktok". By the way, you can add flour to the mixture if you want. I seriously forgot to add some in mine, haha.
When it's all mixed up, scoop about a tablespoonful then roll it into a ball and pretend that you are a pro - juggle the ball to remove the air pockets inside. By the way, make sure you washed your hands before doing this. I seriously forgot to wash mine, haha.
Then fry away!

Nice, huh? You can eat it on its own or with your fave dipping sauce. Ketchup is nice, too!
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